Jiufen Homestay Chiu Chunt Dint

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【Meet Jiufen, around the corner】 Traditional styles combined with creativity. The local gourmet inn at Jiufen.

 Windows displaying stuffs belonging to the 70's and 80's, whether local Taiwanese or tourists from around the world, everyone would stop to take a picture. 

 The vacuum tube amplifier plays old songs non-stop; the music is soft and clear, creating a lazy atmosphere which takes you back in time; your step also slows down. 

 Sitting outside the room and look towards the ocean, the panorama view is spectacular, the food at Chiu Chunt Dint Inn is also a must try...you will regret if you don't try! 

 The design of Chiu Chunt Dint Inn makes you feel like VIP! 

Waiting for you to find the Jiufen in your memory…